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About Oregon Beef Company

Oregon Beef Company was founded in 1979 by Jim Wizard and quickly became Central Oregon's number one supplier for local restaurants and resorts. In 1993, HDD Incorporated purchased Oregon Beef Company and Stann Dmytryk became president. Throughout the 90's the restaurant business exploded in Central Oregon and Oregon Beef Company grew to become the leading local supplier. As the company has grown, our retail market has become increasingly popular. We often see repeat customers from all areas of Oregon that come by on their way to the lakes, or just want to stock up on all of their meat items with good quality and delicious products. We offer every meat item needed for a sunny afternoon barbecue. Come out and pick up a package of juicy steaks, a box of delicious hamburger patties or a box of the best hot dogs in Central Oregon to throw on the grill.


With over 100 years of experience in the meat industry, Oregon Beef Company strives to process and distribute the best North West products. Our beef is the Choice Natural Angus St. Helen's program, from Washington Beef Company located in Yakima, Washington. The cattle are local from Oregon & Washington. Our fresh and smoked pork products come from Carlton Farms in the Willamette Valley in Oregon and Hill Meat Company located in Pendleton, Oregon. Draper Valley, who uses poultry from Washington & Oregon, provides us with our fresh poultry. Our bacon and ham are from Daily's in Missoula, Montana and our deli meats are from Premier Meat Company in Redding, California.


Oregon Beef Company is Central Oregon's only USDA processing and distributing company, making our service the leader in Central Oregon. Being located right here in Central Oregon allows us to service our customers and keep our business local.



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oregon beef company custom butchering

oregon beef company custom butchering


Our Suppliers

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